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January 17, 2019

Do you ever think about how the health of your relationship impacts the rest of your life? Every relationship is unique, but some basic factors all healthy relationships must have are trust, intimacy, respect, and awareness. For example, when it comes to physical intimacy, many couples feel they don't have the time for it, so they allow more and more time to elapse between sexual connections. 

You must be present for one another, asking good questions of each other without allowing distractions to pull you away. Enjoy this fun quiz for couples. It is very basic but it can be a lot of fun and help you to make sure you know your partner.  

1. Your partner’s birthday & place of birth?
2. Your partner’s middle name & nickname?
3. Your partner’s favourite dinner?
4. Your partner’s dessert or sweet treat?
5. The celebrity/famous person your partner would to talk to over Coffee?
6. Your partner’s favourite band or singer?
7. Your partner’s favourite song?
8. Your partner’s favourite colour?
9. Describe your partner’s dream holiday?
10. Your partner’s favourite animal or pet?
11. Your partner’s favourite cartoon character?
12. The car your partner would buy with an open cheque book?
13. Your partner’s favourite drink?
14. Your partner’s favourite movie?
15. Your partner’s favourite TV-show?

16. Your partner’s favourite pastime?
17. Your partner’s childhood sport or hobby?
18. Anniversary date of when you met?
19. Where you met?
20. The location of your first date?
21. Your partner’s favourite superhero?
22. Most memorable, romantic moment together?
23. Craziest thing you’ve done together (or wish too)?
24. Location of your partner’s ticklish spot?
25. Your partner’s favourite ice-cream flavour?
26. Your partner’s favourite place to ‘just be’?
27. Something your partner would love to learn?
28. Something your partner would love to achieve?
29. Your partner’s favourite piece of clothing or accessory
30. Your partner’s favourite quote or phase?

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