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February 28, 2019

Let’s be honest – dating in winter is fun. You get to cuddle, sleep in and hit the snooze button when the weather is miserable out on weekend mornings, huddling under the covers. But dating in summer is another thing all together! The days are longer, skirts are shorter and there is a buzz of energy in the air that propels romance like nobody’s business. 

These are the things we love the best about dating in summer, and no matter how long you’ve been going out (or have been married for!), you should always make the time to relive these 10 classic summertime dates: 

1. Go skinny-dipping. Pretty straightforward. Find a body of water, take off all your clothes (no cheating!) and go swimming. Nothing beats it. 

2. Make out on a merry-go-round. Go to the local county fair, get an ice cream and snog like teenagers. Alternatively, do so in a cable car if you’re feeling fancy. 

3. Go on a stargazing date. Find a good vantage point, lay down a blanket and tell each other your most soppy secrets. 

4. Take an outdoor bubble bath. Find an accommodation venue that has outdoor tubs, and spend a day or night soaking under the open sky.  

5. Take a spontaneous road trip. Throw a few things in a bag, start up the car and leave without a destination in mind. You can’t imagine the freedom.  

6. Take the fun outdoors. Get it on al fresco style. Jip, you read that right. We are recommending that you take sexy time outside. Half the fun is that you might get caught!

7. Watch the sunset on the hood of your car. This is another teenage-movie classic that is actually as fun and romantic as it looks on screen. 

8. Dance in a field until the sun comes up. Go to an outdoor music festival and lose your marbles on the dance floor. 

9. Do something that scares you. Go ziplining, climb a mountain or learn to surf. 

10. Sleep outdoors. Ideally next to a campfire. Waking up next to the person you love as the sun rises is an incredible experience. 

See, what did we tell you? Didn’t just reading that put you in a laid-back, summer holiday kind of mood? No imagine if you actually ticked off that entire list? Go on – we double-dare you…


Bona Bona Game Lodge offers an unique four star lodge experience in the fauna and flora rich Northwest Province in South Africa. This privately owned, luxurious lodge is nestled along the N12 Treasure Route and offers its guests an unforgettable experience through their tailored Bona Bona Game Lodge hospitality in true African comfort. When fully booked the lodge can accommodate 119 guests in-house.

Guest can enjoy mouth-watering cuisine next to the homely fireplace on cold winter nights. Bona Bona Game Lodge offer a wide range of activities for business travellers as well as families seeking a well deserved break, not too far from home. The predator park, game drives and encounters with rare species such as sable, rhino and buffalo will make your stay at Bona Bona Game Lodge an unforgettable experience. 

Bona Bona is situated 50km south west of Klerksdorp (27°1‘12’‘S and 26°13’45’’E), adjacent to the N12 Treasure Route in the direction of Wolmaransstad. Approximately 2 hours’ drive from Johannesburg and with their own airstrip, Bona Bona is within easy reach.

Game Drive
Bona Bona Game Lodge hosts four of the big five and is only a stone throw away from Johannesburg. While it’s always a thrill to get up close and personal with some of the bigger game, don’t underestimate the magic of some of the smaller bush creatures and birdlife. Their professional guides will entertain you with facts and figures about the fauna and flora on their farm. As Bona Bona Game Breeders are part of the group of companies guests can experience the manner in which professional game breeding takes place. Their 4×4 Unimog brings back many memories to the older generation of their time spent in the military service while the younger generation will not stop talking about how this strong work horse takes on any terrain. Due to the popularity of the drives trips have to be pre-booked.

Their Bruidsmark held each year continues to celebrate their uniqueness. We aim to uphold an easy-going vibe which is enhanced by the exceptional quality of exhibitors.The elegant grandeur of its existence is complemented with great food and entertainment.Couples get to meet SA’s leading wedding specialists in the beautiful and romantic gardens of this sought after wedding venue.

Wine Tasting
There’s nothing better than sitting with friends, in a private and sophisticated cellar, sipping a glass of some of the best’s wineries in South Africa. 

Bush Picnic
Get away from the hasty city life and experience the relaxation that a bush picnic. Bona Bona Game Lodge will create a romantic atmosphere and supply all the necessary table ware and delicious gourmet food.  Spots are carefully selected and situated in a safe environment, guests enjoy privacy whilst being in the open veld. Children are also welcome to join in this special experience.

Predator Experience
Bona Bona Game Lodge is one of the first lodges in Northwest Province to offer guest the experience of a Predator Drive. All facilities are well maintained and the animals enjoy high priority at all times.  Specialist staff ensure animals get the best nutrition and safety rules are applied. Children are not allowed to visit the park without being accompanied by an adult. You haven’t seen Africa if you haven’t seen the mighty lion or heard it’s roar. They offer guests an opportunity to see many of Africa’s predatory species at close quarters. Their predator camp consists of lions, tigers, leopard, wild dogs and hyenas. We have a Predator Drive daily and a predator feed at 10h00 on Sunday’s.

Visit Ruah
Nurture and spoil yourself with Ruah, which means a breath of life. This beautiful lavender farm borders Bona Bona Game Lodge and produces essential oils, creams, candles and so much more. The farm is open for visits and you can show your children the picture of a land of purple lavender. Products are all developed by one of the most renowned cosmetic gurus and are ideal gifts for taking back to your loved ones at home.

Far away from the city lights, in a vast open space where rock formations frame the horizon, there is a place where lovers of nature can experience a truly unique environment. 

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is nestled in the scenic Cederberg Mountains and offers unparalleled accommodation in one of South Africa's best-loved mountainous regions. 

The reserve not only offers guests spectacular scenery and absolute tranquillity, but also provides unique accommodation, South African cuisine and fascinating tours and activities, including rock art tours, guided nature drives, quad bike safaris, hiking trails and stargazing at the mini observatory! 

Relax at the Kagga Kamma swimming pool while marvelling at the surrounding rock formations; or enjoy a sundowner as the sky changes colour in the late afternoon. There’s so much to enjoy at this beautiful retreat. 

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