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May 04, 2017

If you are travelling abroad or in South Africa, these following holiday date ideas will add an extra romantic flair to your holiday plans. As soon as you cross your town or cities border you become a tourist on a voyage with the one you love. Use these ideas to make sightseeing and other vacation activities as much fun as possible.
Emerge yourself in the real culture of the country, or province, and get off the tourist-beaten path. To get to know a place it is important to see the real attractions. Meet some of the locals and find the hidden gems. Even South Africa has a few secrets!

See the sunrise and sunset at the same location. Beaches work best for this date but any location will do. Arrive before sunrise and spend the whole day there; bring food, activities and warm clothes for the sunset. Those romantic moments and cuddles with the sun make for a great date that lasts the whole day.
Attend a local festival or traditional ceremony. A big part about travelling is to learn and understand new cultures and experiences. Taking part in something like Diwali (Festival of lights) in India or Chines New Year in China would make an incredible date. You will understand the culture and your partner better.    

Really use your hotel room! On holiday your hotel room is rarely used. It is just a place to rest your head after all the adventures of the day. But, sometimes it is a good idea to enjoy all the perks included. Order room service and watch a movie or get an in-house massage. Just relax in their fluffy white robes and relish in the fact that someone else will make your bed.  

Eat appetisers, main course and dessert at different restaurants. Cities come alive at night and by spreading your food and locations out, you will see and experience more. 

If your date wants to see the sites try and approach it from a different point of view by taking a walking tour, canopy tour or helicopter tour. Most of the famous sites have a slightly more hands-on or adventurous angle.  

Capture the moment by having a photography date. The main goal of the date is to capture as much as possible on film. Create signature moves or stage a few dramatic moments. 

If you have your own transportation available, another fun idea is to choose a number between 10 and 20. Get in your car and with every turn flip a coin – heads go right, tails turn left. Keep doing this until your number comes up. Wherever you are, stop and create a date on the spot! 

Fresh food markets can be found almost anywhere in the world. Make dinner for you and your partner with ingredients bought fresh from that morning. Fresh food and handcrafted fairs are popping up everywhere in South Africa. Take a small staycation (vacating without leaving your home) and explore what the local market has to offer. Most of these markets occur on Saturdays and Sundays. 

The last hint is to see as many sites and tourist attractions as possible. These sites attract people for a reason and you will find magic there. If the tourist thing is not your cup of tea, you and your partner can always photobomb as many tourists as you can! The loser buys dinner.



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